Do you have nothing to shoot at?

There are people who, from an early age, want to become soldiers or police officers, for example. Or also criminals. And their motivation is usually that in such cases they shoot from a real firearm. Some of those mentioned have a gun, someone a rifle, someone even a submachine gun, or an even more destructive firearm, and that`s what impresses some people.

And there are people among us who are so interested in something similar that the desire to shoot will never leave them. But what if someone like that finds out that the profession of policeman or soldier is not the right thing for them, and they also don`t want to become a criminal?

obrázek samopalu

In such a case, a person can apply for a firearms license, which entitles him to own some of the weapons from which he can shoot here and there if all security conditions are met.

But some people in our country will never be issued a firearms license. And some won`t even try to get it, perhaps because they don`t want to put so much effort into it because of a few shots. And what if even such people sometimes really want to shoot themselves?

odstřelovačská puška

Even if some of us do not meet the conditions to hold a firearm, they can shoot. And because of that, they don`t even have to travel far, they don`t have to do it at all in secret. Even in the middle of our country there is a shooting range Praha, which allows such entertainment to anyone. Everyone who wants to is allowed here, and it is here that all their visitors are provided with a weapon and all the necessary equipment, even together with a Czech and English-speaking instructor. Thus, both locals and English-speaking tourists can choose a weapon of their choice and shoot at a target, in any weather conditions and all year round.

So everyone who wants to become a real shooter will find something to their liking here. It is not impossible or complicated. All you have to do is secure an appointment and that`s it.